Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Princess Is Born

OK had a few more appointments and birthing classes...

yada yada yada!

Then an appointment on Friday 8/13/2010 in which I was discouraged when my doctor told me I hadn't dilated yet and I was checked and sent to the hospital to get checked to make sure the baby was OK since i was 40wks5days. They said I had had alot of amniotic fluid (also known as polyhydramnios), and told me to come back Sunday 8/15/2010 to be induced.

So all the while since Friday my mom was on her way, she arrived Saturday 8/14/10 7:30 a.m. The longest day ever... I went and picked her up from the Greyhound station. We went to Cory's mom house and they hooked up and agreed to fix me one last meal before the baby comes...Mind you I am almost 41wks...So we were hoping the food would make me go in labor... Then the ladies (my mom, Cory mom and I) go to Winn Dixie to get the food we needed!

Some mac and cheese, greens, cornbread, peas and rice, ribs and chicken...Yum!!! Yay to being overly pregnant!

So again let me tell you this day was long....

We were snapping pictures outta control!

We ate good later on...whoo! Cory my mom and I left to go to Myra house, in which we were just arriving when I had to go!

I went to the bathroom and began to push and water broke...that's not what i wanted to happen at that moment but hey...yay M'kylee is coming soon! (It was 7:13 p.m.)

"Bae" I yelled, and before I could yell again he joined me in the bathroom. I said " I think my water broke!" ( in which I began texting everyone) He said "let me see", we are weird but I gave him view into the toilet and sure enough he walked out of the bathroom and said it's time!

Myra and my mom screaming "what happen?" they came rushing into there with me and asked if I was in pain and I said "no!"

We went upstairs and everyone helped get stuff ready for me to take a shower. Cory ran to the car to get my gown and slippers, Myra went and got me some depends so I could control the leaking, and my mom just kept asking "how you feel?"

Took a warm shower as Cory talked to me. He helped me get dressed and we went back downstairs and began playing cards and chilling!

OK...about 8 something I decided we should go, everyone started getting ready and we arrived at the hospital at 9:10 p.m., was on the elevator by 9:13 p.m. in which I began feeling a twinge in my lower abdominal.

Ima fool I was taking pictures on the way to the hospital and in the hospital bathroom while changing into my hospital gown!!!!

I was put on pitocin to bring on the contractions and help the labor progress,(let me tell you breathing definitely go out the window when they hit) they became too strong after 3 hours on the pitocin...whoo...can you say pain? so i asked for some pain meds really did not want an epidural.

They gave me Demerol to ease the pain but not completely take it away and to allow me to get some sleep! It sure did have me drowsy but with the pitocin being upped every half a hour or so I really wanted an epidural!

Give me, give me, give me!

at 5:22 a.m. I received an epidural ...yay "rest" here I come I was knocked out!!!! That was until I was told I had too much fluid still around the baby and that the baby heart rate started dropping...damn epidural...I was taken into the O.R. for emergency c-section and M'kylee Kamaria Manley was born Sunday 8/15/2010 13:45 p.m. at Jackson South Hospital!!!! 8lbs2oz20-3/4in!!!!!! But wait...

I have such high tolerance for medicine guess what?...I felt my doctor stapling me back together and I was moving my I ask Why was I able to feel this when I was suppose to be numb from right above the ribcage to my toes...I think it was the worse part about her even coming out this way.

I was so excited and in alot of pain ouch!

My baby was finally here and I got to hold her for a brief time in the O.R. AND NOW I couldn't hold her until 6:30 p.m. I was pissed.

But when I finally was able to see her AGAIN I was excited all over again! and so was everyone who was there with me...Cory, my mom, his mom, and Myra! We even had her first birthday cake and it was good!

everyone had their phones just snapping away!

oh in the above picture that was her first time latching took five people Germaine, Stefanie, Cory, Myra, a nurse and myself and about 2 hours to get her to latch on.

She didn't want to latch on I guess because she had to have a bottle when she first came out because her sugar was low! damn bottles!

But once she did she wanted it before it was even time! My little fat mamas!

Oh my baby I love her the next day I was told to get up and move around...What the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!! While I'm in pain like this...whoa...slow me down yo!

I could not walk, I could barely stand up straight.

But I did it...even though I didn't go far and only sat in the chair next to the bed it was a big step!

Boy how I miss the hospital every now and then...the food and just the company!

I was huge the time i had her I was 237lbs and in 9 days when I went to get my staples removed I was 214lbs that's 23lbs!

yay breastfeeding!

Oh yeah she has alot of nicknames but her first is Bubbles, because when I first saw her in the O.R. she was blowing spit bubbles and smiling! AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

How beautiful...

Everything has been going good since we've been home she been sleeping thru the nite since after a week of being home. I have to wake her up to eat because she will sleep her pretty head off!

So now you ask "How is it being a mommy" and I say"Great!"

I loved her since I was carrying her and I love her still... I spend my days talking to her, telling her I love her, and snapping pictures sending them to everyone I know.

I am a proud mommy of such a beautiful, happy, good baby! M'kylee mommy loves you!

So on that note... enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for This Wonderful Journey as it continues!!!!!!

Who do you think she look like?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Any Day Now!


As I mentioned at the end of last entry I had an Appointment July 9,2010. Nothing much as heartbeat good, I'm gaining weight, measurements of my belly, blah blah blah!

Then guess what? We took pictures on the 10th and they are awesome!

Well now I'll let you be the judge....

I think I look huge but hey if I wasn't huge then I wouldn't be pregnant, huh!
But overall we had fun taking these pictures and hope everyone enjoys them!
Especially M'Kylee since she's the reason Mommy is the biggest she's ever been!
But OK...on to birthing class every Wednesday. We went on July 14, 2010 and discussed intervention in which I do not want unless medically necessary. I love going to class learning different stuff and it's even better because Cory is there to ask questions and be supportive! We even talk about things we learn in class on a daily basis!
On July 16, I had another appointment, (on a weekly basis now) again nothing new. However, Cory and I did ask a few questions about labor and the c-section rate. I only want a c-section if me or the baby is in harms way! And I am going to try to go as natural as possible, if I can't handle it I will get some pain meds through iv, and epidural will be my last resort! He also told me I should go to the hospital once I reach the point where I am having contractions every 3 minutes! I can't wait!

I been in alot of pain she's dropping and the pressure is getting worse but I'm doing well with the pain management. I only practice breathing which seems to be working great!
Then July 21, 2010 another class...yay...wait ;( sad face, the original teacher was not there so now we got a substitute for the next few weeks! but I might not see her again because M'Kylee may be here by then.
But the new teacher is nice, she was teaching us about pain meds available to us and proper breathing techniques!
Another appointment July 23, 2010 (broken record huh!) OK you know the routine so no need...oh wait...My doctor gave me my records to give to the hospital once I go into labor!
July 28, 2010 which is what? oh look at that...that's today! Cory and I went to class and it was OK but i was tired and falling to sleep...for some reason i been really extra tired lately but only in the day time, then I'm up at night going back and forth to the bathroom and drinking alot of water and playing with the baby til she go back to sleep!
Well we about to go eat some more jerk chicken...yum...stay tuned for my next entry about this wonderful journey!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hectic Times...Oh How She Stretch!

It's been a month and a half since last entry, but what can I say? I'm pregnant and have been extremely tired and in pain which brings me to my next thing!

Why do pregnant women tell you all the good stuff? They never tell you the bad stuff like, heartburn gets way worse at the end, or you get morning sickness at the end and cant keep anything down or up for that matter with the added "luxury" of diarrhea. Or the aching back pains or wait... this is the "BIG" one...  Vaginal Pressure.


This is not a walk in the park if you ask me but I know it's a precious gift I dont wanna wait any longer than I have to, to come out!


Birthing Class Day 1, May 26, 2010 it was not what we expected but nice none-the-less! We discussed breastfeeding and how it's beneficial for both myself and the baby. And to prevent confusion between the bottle nipple and the actual nipple that I should try to breastfeed immediately and stress to the doctors that I do not want her to have a bottle. We enjoyed it, the teacher is nice!

At 29 weeks, May 28, 2010 I had an appointment nothing big thoughjust the usual... heartbeat check and basic chit chat. This was the start of my every 2 week appointments began.

Birthing Class 2, June 2, 2010, we just discussed how I should listen to my body and the major signs of postpartum depression, and how Cory can help me through if I go through it.

Now this is one of my big concerns...for the simple fact that I suffered from depression since I was a little girl up until now. I know that I am extremely prone to being a postpartum depression victim and dont wanna put lil' m.k.m through that. Im scared but im already praying on it!

Please Pray for me!

Everyone should know this but My Birthday was on June 8, 2010 I turned 22. I didnt do nothing just lay down all day... yeah I know I'm young but hey lucky me!

Birthing Class 3, June 9 2010, we discussed cleaning the baby before and after the umbilical cord falls off.

I was 31 weeks into this pregnancy and had an appointment on June 11, 2010. Again nothing big! These appointments are getting boring now it's just like "hi, ok baby is doing fine, bye!"

Birthng Class 4, June 16 2010, we did breathing and relaxation techniques to get through labor and before to help the baby get in position to come down.

Birthing Class 5, June 23, 2010, we discussed how to talk to the baby while still in the uterus and begin maintaining good communication with her, we learned different breech positions (breech: a fetus that is presented at the uterine cervix buttocks or legs first).

So my next boring appointment was June 25, 2010, I was 33 weeks. But at the end of this appointment I was invited to a baby shower. Every few months the clinic I go to throw a baby shower for the mom's that didnt have one.

It was pretty nice, decorated in blue and pink (yuck). They gave out gifts, had a raffle, food, drinks, and a huge beautiful cake, That was AWESOME!!!! I took my bestfriend Myra with me, well I invited her but she took me since I was having car trouble, but we had some laughs it was nice.

I won some diapers in the raffle and a gift bag with a baby gown, wipes, 2 rattles, and a bib!
I appreciated it especially since I really dont need anything else for "Fat Girl" (M'kylee nickname her daddy gave her already)

Birthing Class 6, June 30, 2010, We discussed the different pain medication options.

Birthing Class 7, July 7, 2010, we discussed that by 35-37 weeks the lungs are developed but the baby is considered preterm, full term is considered 38-40 weeks, premature is 24-37 and weighs less than 5lbs 5 oz, and that causes of pretem labor can range any where between:
  • work
  • the daddy
  • arguments
  • financial problems
  • housework
  • eating habits
  • drugs
which are all stress related. Stress causes Cortisol to release and it then rejects the baby.

Now I am 35 weeks and I have an appointment tomorrow in which I will gladly discuss in my next entry about this wonderful journey!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Kick For Yes, No Kick For No!

My little angel is growing stronger everyday! And did I mention I love her so much? Ok well, now I did!

Despite the few aches and pains I really enjoy her growing inside of me and talking to her and finally playing with her. That's right I said it... She finally plays with me, it's the hide, seek and kick game she started with her daddy!

Right this moment she is kicking up a storm...(boom boom, thunder thunder, lightening lightening)

note: if you're not laughing too bad i thought this was a funny!

He talks to her and she goes crazy...Her grandma tries to wake her up all the time and still nothing, I know she's kind of discouraged but since m.k.m. will be out soon I know she'll forget all about these times.

I cannot even get mad at him without her kicking me telling me to calm down... good daddy's girl!

She still gives me heartburn though, when she wanna be bad, or when she gets really upset.

Oh! especially at my last appointment on April 30, 2010. At 25 weeks I had to do my glucose screen to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes, yuck how disgusting! I had to drink not 1 but 2 cups of that nasty clear stuff and they watch you drink it to make sure you don't spit it out and tell you to come back in a hour. As soon as I finished the cups this little girl gave me heartburn like never before.

I was miserable.

Oh yeah for all the ladies with kids why didn't any of you tell me about getting braxton hicks (braxton hicks: false contractions that prepares the body for the real thing in a few weeks.)so early on? Thanks alot...

But hey I'm still looking at the bright side...The cutest thing ever, I woke up and told Cory the baby was kicking so he laid on my belly and began singing her the alphabet song! He even ended it with "next time won't you sing with me"!

He's great with her and she ain't even here yet...hope he can keep up with her when she finally gets here.

So lately we been busy buying her little stuff, like onesies, bibs, mittens, booties, diapers (they're so small!), wipes, brush and comb sets. Awww!

Now, within the next month i'm going to finish getting things I need to pack my bag but I wont pack it til I get the perfect coming home fit for her, I've been looking for a violet, or lavender coming home fit.

We're gonna get her carseat/stroller set and playpen/bassinet soon. Gotta be able to bring my Ky-Ky home...Oh I cant wait to see her.

Everybody is already talking bout she gonna look like me and her daddy. Like she may have his head with my chinky eyes a cute lil button nose (like mine before it swoll up a lil) and my little mouth with his booty chin... sounds adorable if you ask me!

And so at 29 weeks, the wonderful journey is almost over but still rolling!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Amazing Moving Stomach*

Second Trimester...Oh!...Second Trimester!

I heard and read so much stuff about how the second trimester is suppose to be better, well guess again Margaret....The heartburn was still intense

I only began to feel worse. however it did die down for a while.


Week 16, I began feeling a little better and speaking of week 16 this is the week I felt the first few flutters. Yay!

It was weird at first but as the weeks crept up I began feeling it more and more. Then as my ultrasound date was approaching I began feeling the heartburn again just like in the beginning. I was scheduled an appointment on Feburary 26, 2010 for some blood work to check for mental retardation, down syndrome and trisomy (trisomy: The condition of having three copies of a given chromosome in each body cell rather than the normal number of two.)

Now, March 8, 2010...ULTRASOUND DAY!!!

How exciting this was for me and Cory. I woke up excited nervous and got ready. we got there I had a full bladder because I had drunk 2 16.9 ounce bottles of water. I had to go to the bathroom and it was taking them forever to call me.

Finally... "Margaret Martin!"

We walked in, I laid on the table and the technician applied the gel to my belly. He began the ultrasound Cory asked "Can you tell what it is?" the technician said "it looks like a girl...(pause)...I think it's a girl!"

He then let us hear the heartbeat, it was so cool again!
He took a few pics and gave them to us and said that he was going to set up another appointment to come back because he was unable to see and take proper pictures of the baby and her bones.

The next appointment was set for a later date in which I'll get to in a few.

Prenatal visit time! it is now March 19, 2010 and waiting for my results...wait only for the doctor to tell me I have to give blood again because it didn't take or someone messed up the bloodwork I don't remember but it was invalid which is the point. sos we heard the heartbeat talked a little and that was that.

April 5, 2010 has arrived and this was the second ultrasound date.

Talk about a bad way to start the day off... We travel a good thirty minutes to get to the clinic that does the ultrasounds only to find out that the ultrasound area is under construction and I would have to travel another thirty minutes to get back by my house to get the ultrasound. Now mind you they had an entire month to contact patients to inform them of the change but nooo...I was pissed!

Now arriving at the clinic and stressed of having a long wait and alot of people being ahead of me. No need to worry I was called in about 10 minutes and finally the day was getting better.

I got on the table and the technician began and caught a good picture of whether or not it was a girl or boy. That's when she asked "do you know the sex of the baby?" we replied, "no" she said "well it's a girl!" Cory looked at me and said "well it's official."

Yes it was! we are having a little girl, this technician took great pictures too...she said the baby was moving alot and very active but she still managed to shake my belly and get our little angel into the right positions. However this one position she pressed a little too hard and the baby kicked and I was like "ouch! she just kicked!"

she hates to be pressed on...and she make me pay for it later on.

After thinking again that nothing would go wrong and after having numb aching hands for 3 weeks off and on I finally gave in and Cory and I went to the hospital because my right index, middle and ring finger stayed numb for 3 nights straight. I found out I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a common disorder of the wrist and hand characterized by pain, tingling, and muscular weakness, caused by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist area and often associated with trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, or edema of pregnancy. I was sad but I know it's for a good cause. I still cannot feel my fingers now on both hands but I'm managing. I still love her!

And guess what now...Later that night...Cory felt her move tuesday night, April 6, 2010. As we were cuddling for bed I felt her kick and put his hand where she had just kicked and she kicked and he felt it. He was excited and telling her he felt that.

Now, 22 and a half weeks along I had another appointment on April 9, 2010. We were told that the blood test were negative and she's fine Thank God!

We heard the heartbeat, discussed the (cts) and he told me my options were to
  1. Deal with the occassional pain and numbness and wear a wrist brace and take tylenol
  2. get a surgery to clip the edema so there can be better flow
  3. or make a sling and wear it during the night since that's when it gets worse

 So yeah you guessed it...We'll pray and deal with it since we know it's only temporary but I wont be popping tylenol I need my liver. lol... but it's true!

Then wednesday, April 14, 2010 while Cory was playing the playstaion and I was lying in bed I saw my stomach move so i immediately said "look bae" he said "that was the baby moving" i said "yeah" it was so weird but cool and exciting.

 Alot has happen thus far into the second trimester...I can't wait to share with you all what happens next...

On this wonderful journey!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Invisible

Don' hurt your eyes trying to see the other line it's there just a little evaporated.

You're probably saying what my Boyfriend said, or maybe you're saying "she was tripping!" Nope, it was a BFP!
(big fat positive)

okay! 2 weeks later December 14, 2010, I had an appointment and I was now 6 weeks pregnant. How exciting, it was really setting in that I was carrying a miniature Martin-Manley...

The hour worth of paper work then I was finally seen. By a nurse that is...She weighed me and took my blood pressure and temperature and gave me a cup to get a urine sample.

Guess what! then I was sent back into the waiting room for another 30 minutes...then "Margaret Martin" yes it was time to be seen by the doctor!

Yuck! she introduced herself and immediately got right to business. Now I say "yuck" because after introducing herself she said you're getting a vaginal exam. (sorry guys the yuck is for you and 2 times for the women that knows what that is all about)

Ouch! it hurted a little, all the digging and scraping but it was over quick and i asked a few questions to get to know her a bit. I mean that's the least I could've done since she had already seen my private area. Then it was over ;)

My next appointment was scheduled January 6, 2010. But just when I thought everything would be fine, I was hit December 16, 2010 (exactly 2 days after my first prenatal visit) with the unimaginable.

I rushed to the hospital because I had these really bad cramps and could barely walk or move or get out of bed.

I immediately got admitted and seen and they did an ultrasound and I was told that I had a few cysts (cyst: a fluid filled sac that begins to enlarge) that were getting big and that's what was causing all my pain. They told me it was normal and I would have to get another check up to make sure they were going away and not getting larger because that would mean trouble.

I was scared but with the support of my loving boyfriend we got through it. I was on bedrest for 3 days and guess what again? I was fine! No more pain...Yay!

Thank God!!!!



January 6, 2010, 8 weeks now and at my next appointment nothing much was done...quite boring if you ask me! This was actually the appointent my boyfriend made it his business to interact with my doctor and get to know her a bit. Great effort! he's great...

Then on to my next appointment January 29, 2010 the big day we heard our little angel heartbeat for the first time!!!!!!

to hear the heartbeat right click the link and then choose the option to open in new tab click here !

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did, Probably not, I was obssessed, I put the heartbeat as my ringtone and listened to it every night before bed. I even emailed it and texted it to family and friends. The end of this week I was welcoming my second trimester!

What a wonderful journey thus far...

(note: please email me at subject:baby heartbeat! and i will email you the heartbeat.)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Beginning...

It started when I was about two weeks along...Kind of early to know huh? Well I just knew.
I started coming down with what I believed was a cold and just had the sudden urge to wake up at 6:30 a.m. every morning and have a bowl of soup (preferably Ramen noodles) and a cup of tea.

Then... about 1 week later I began having heartburn, wow! the most painful burn I ever felt internally. I never had heartburn and who would've thought that would be one of the first signs of me being Pregnant!

And it just got worse...

Then week 4 hit and I woke up December 1, 2009 feeling really sick like I wanted to throw up my guts but with a strong feeling that I needed to eat. Weird, huh? I know... I dropped my boyfriend off at the store and told him to call me when he was ready to get picked up. I rushed to a Dollar Tree close by to pick up 3 pregnancy tests.


It was him, "Hello, bay where you at? I'm ready." I quickly said "ok bay, I'm right down the street."

What a little white lie. I was stuck in the line at the store behind this lady with her little girl trying to get her to buy alot of candy. Finally she bought her daughter two candy bars and picked her up and quickly left.

"Yes" I said, as I paid for my tests and hurried off to get him.

We made our way back home and I quickly grabbed my bag and went to the bathroom and took test one.

One Minute...
Two Minutes...
Three Minutes...

A really faded line appeared. I put the test in my pocket and threw my bag on the room floor and then he went to use the bathroom.

"Bay, I think I'm PREGNANT," "Why" he said. I then walked into the bathroom and put the used test in front of him on the sink. I told him I knew it was light but as long as you can see it that's a positive. He say he saw it and ok.

I went in the room and laid on the bed and he came in there and kissed and hugged me and said "My baby havin' my baby" So I take it he was excited.

I was excited and nervous so I decided to go to the doctor and they confirmed it and set me up with an O.B. and so we were a month into this wonderful journey!